Who Uses Whistles

People from all walks of life appreciate the need for a good safety whistle. Our customers run the gamut from professional sports referees to hunting and camping enthusiasts. We manufacture the official Boy Scouts of America whistles. We sell safety whistles to many colleges and universities who in turn hand them out to new students on campus each fall.

Hundreds of police departments around the country turn to us for whistles to equip each and every officer but also to supply them with custom-imprinted safety whistles that they distribute at their community policing events and for participants of crime prevention programs. Many corporations and companies distribute whistles to employees and customers to promote safety. They also use our custom imprint ability to create whistles as advertising specialty items, reaping an impressive PR benefit for the life of the whistle. Whistles from AWC commonly hang on key rings and lanyards for as long as 15-20 years since they literally never wear out.

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