Award Whistles

In 1991, owner Ray Giesse approached the National Football League with the American Classic Gold™ whistle and said, “You give the Super Bowl players gold rings, you need to give the referees gold whistles!”  They went wild over the idea and have been ordering them ever since.  Soon after, American Whistle made available a commercial version of the American Classic Gold™ so this unique gift could be given to anyone. 

The American Classic Gold™ is a 24K gold-plated whistle that is displayed in a velvet lined, walnut case.  The whistle can be engraved, the lid can be laser engraved and a personalized nameplate can be attached to the inside of the case.  Our less expensive American Spirit line is also available with a gold, silver or bronze finished whistle.  No matter which gift set you choose, you can be sure it will be cherished for years by your favorite coach, referee, police officer, drill sergeant, teacher or anyone else you know who blows a whistle! 

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