Advertising Specialties

Your customers are interested in our whistles!

What makes our whistle different from other advertising specialty handouts? 
  • It's heavy. It's durable. It's made from solid brass. It's a quality product that represents you and your customers well.  This is not a product that will fall apart or be thrown away.
  • It is unique. This is not your typical advertising specialty promotion.   How often do you see someone handing out a whistle? Probably not often, but when they do, they receive a positive response.  And once you start offering whistles as a handout you will find your customers will want more!
  • This is a practical tool.   Everyone needs a whistle - be it for use as a safety tool or as an occupational tool directing traffic or rounding up kids on a playground.  This is an item that is appreciated by anyone who receives it.

Why is die striking the logo important?

We have the unique ability to die-strike a logo onto the top of the whistle with a 39-ton press. This insures - it's there to stay! This is a permanent imprint that will never rub or scratch off like a screenprint. Our product, unlike many other promotional items, will be kept and used for years. This is not the type of product that you'll find being tossed away or lost. As a safety whistle, it will hang from a key ring for 10, 20, even 30 years... and every time they pull out their keys (4-5 times a day) your logo appears in front of their eyes. This die-struck logo will appear just as clearly 30 years from now as it does today.  What other promotional item gives you this kind of exposure?

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